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    Expert organization

Aprecia is an expert organization, registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, subject field: Company economy and management, branch: Company valuation and assessment.

Every member of our team is a certified valuer with a long-term experience in the field of valuations.

We provide expert opinions in the area of company valuation or the valuation of various assets and liabilities classes. Appraisals are elaborated in accordance with valid Slovak legislation in the area of appraisal services regulation.


    Financial and economic advisory

Aprecia also acts as an advisory company in the area of financial and economic advisory services.

We provide our advisory services in the area of valuation for the purposes IAS/IFRS/US GAAP standards, transaction advisory for the purposes of buying or selling companies, transfer valuating advisory, and advisory in the field of business finance and economic management.

Our financial and economic advisory services are provided either separately or together with our appraisal services.


Our team

Ing. Anton Hudzík

Economy and management, intellectual property

Mr. Hudzík mastered in finance, banking and investing at the Faculty of Finance of the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica…

Ing. Pavol Kačmár

Civil engineering

Mr. Kačmár is active in the field of civil engineering since 1974 and during this time, he assumed various senior executive positions. Since 1991, he is mainly active in…

Ing. Jozef Kocún

Road transportation and mechanical engineering

Mr. Kocún passed the post-gradual education at the Institute of Forensic Engineering in Brno in the field of road transportation in 1991…

Ing. Ján Pažítka

Mechanical engineering

Mr. Pažítka graduated from the University in Žilina in 1984. He has more than 20 years of managerial experience in the field of civil engineering and electronic computer components production…